KOSMODISK Active Sports Belt





KOSMODISK ACTIVE Sports Belt is a perfect solution for lower back pain.  Composed of a belt (flexible supportive back brace) and a lumbar KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs, it is discreet, offers maximum comfort and additional support to your lower back.

Product Details

KOSMODISK ACTIVE Sports Belt was developed due to consumer demand, in cooperation with experts and professional athletes.  It offers the user maximum comfort while wearing, additional support and warmth in the lumbar area of the spine ,still allowing full flexibility of the body.

The KOSMODISK ACTIVE package contains:

  • Flexible Supportive Brace with lumbar KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs
  • Elastic Straps for additional usage

By providing gentle massage the KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs stimulate the muscles in the lower back area.  That in turn soothes your muscles and reduces tension.  The KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs retain body heat, providing the user warmth and further soothing the applied area.

The belt is made of a high quality cotton-polyamide elastic material, pleasant to touch and wear.  Unique attachment system of the lumbar Kosmodisk offers two options of usage: with the belt or with elastic straps.

We particularly recommend it to people who are prone to pain and injuries in the lower back area;  to sportsmen, physical workers, pregnant women, to those who sit for long periods of time…

Benefits & Features

  • Effective solution for lower back pain
  • Discreet
  • Maximum comfort while wearing
  • No restrictions to movement
  • Additional support and warmth
  • May assist in improving posture
  • Fast and easy placing
  • Simple cleaning
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

KOSMODISK ACTIVE is available in the following sizes:

Medium  65 – 80cm
Large  80 – 100cm
X-Large  100 – 120cm
XX-Large  120 – 150cm

***Please note, this product MUST be worn for at least 3 hours per day for 21 days in a row, on bare skin or over light clothing, to experience the best results.  You may stop using KOSMODISK® when the pain subsides or disappears.***


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