KOSMODISK® To Increase Power

The Port Adelaide Football Club has taken a step forward in the treatment of back pain amongst players.

Leading supplier of products to support and relieve back pain, KOSMODISK®, has joined the Power as a sponsor.  For over twenty years, KOSMODISK® have been helping European men and women overcome spinal problems and back pain.  Over 2,000,000 people worldwide have been helped by the many KOSMODISK® products available to the general public.

Cameron Falloon, Head Fitness Coach, selected several players to begin using the KOSMODISK ACTIVE Sports Belt, one product within a range of options to suit the user. Press play in the video below to hear Cameron’s comments on KOSMODISK.

The game of AFL is the toughest in the world and many players are affected by the high intensity and constant heavy impact they place on their bodies.  In addition, players undergo a large training workload and this must be maintained if they are to consistently perform at a high level.  Any back pain can restrict a player’s ability to maintain this workload and this is where we have seen a benefit in using KOSMODISK®.

Kosmodisk General Manager, Michael Petkoff, said he was excited to be involved with the club he had supported all his life and furthermore, to be able to increase awareness of the solutions KOSMODISK® offers to back pain sufferers.

After several weeks of using KOSMODISK®, players reported a reduction in back pain and no ill side effects.  The KOSMODISK ACTIVE has proven to be a simple to use, effective solution for back pain.  We look forward to continued use of KOSMODISK® products in the development of our players.

Up to eighty per cent of Australians will experience back pain at some point in their lives and ten percent will experience significant disability as a result.  Back pain disrupts individuals’ quality of life and accounts for an enormous cost to the community.  KOSMODISK® products have proven results as now experienced right here at the Port Adelaide Football Club.